Assorted miniatures for sale

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Panzerfaust 150
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Assorted miniatures for sale

Post by Panzerfaust 150 » Sun May 27, 2018 3:17 pm

20mm figures:
17 20mm Modern African Government Figures from RH Models.
9 20mm German WWII, old sculpts, unsure as to whom.
15 20mm Hungarians, unsure as to manufacturer. Could also be Germans for WWI.
5 WWII 20mm Germans from a variety of manufacturers, Platoon 20, Ehliem, FAA.
2 1/76 Scale German WWII guns by Crest Reproductions, 1 Pak 36 and 1 Pak 40.

$50 or best offer for the lot.

6mm Cold War:
17 M1 by CinC
18 M2 by CinC
2 Hard Back HMMWV
2 M577
3 M578
4 AAVFSV (arty resupply vehic...login to view the rest of this post

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